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Vectror Tribe by DELTRON
Date:         Mon, 19 Feb 90 22:01:00 N
Reply-To:     "Herman J. Woltring" <ELERCAMA@HEITUE5>
Sender:       Biomechanics and Movement Science listserver <BIOMCH-L@HEARN>
From:         "Herman J. Woltring" <ELERCAMA@HEITUE5>
Subject:      About vectors and matrices: round #2


     It is rumoured that there once was a tribe of Indians who believed that
arrows are vectors.  To shoot a deer due northeast, they did not aim an arrow
in the northeasterly direction; they sent two arrows simultaneously, one due
north and one due east, relying on the powerful resultant of the two arrows
to kill the deer.
     Skeptical scientists have doubted the truth of this rumour, pointing out
that not the slightest trace of the tribe has ever been found.  But the complete
disappearance of the tribe through starvation is precisely what one would ex-
pect under the circumstances; and since the theory that the tribe existed con-
firms two such diverse things as the NONVECTORIAL BEHAVIOR OF ARROWS and the
DARWINIAN PRINCIPLE OF NATURAL SELECTION, it is surely not a theory to be
dismissed lightly.

            A. Banesh Hoffmann, About Vectors.  Prentice-Hall, New Jersey 1966;
                                                Dover, New York 1975, pp. 11-12.