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A Paste by baldurk
The CIA is recruiting for a new operative. After a series of rigorous physical and intellectual tests, they narrow the decision down to three candidates: two men and a woman. The final test is phsycological: they need to know how far these candidates are willing to go to serve their country.

The first man is summoned, and informed that his wife is in an adjorning room tied to a chair. He is to go in, and kill her. They give the man a pistol, but he refuses to go in. They thank the man, and he goes home.

The second man is summoned, and told the same thing. He takes the pistol and goes in, but after a few minutes comes out in tears admitting that he just can't do it. He is also sent hom.

The woman is summoned, and informed her husband is in the next room and has to be killed. She too takes the gun and goes inside. No sooner is the door closed than there's a gunshot. A second later, two more gun shots. Then, the sound of a fight. Finally, the woman comes out pissed and shouts "One of you idiots filled the gun with blanks, I had the beat him to death with the chair."