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zomg suppressed communication! by n8
[12:09] <fp-raziel> but main thing is i need to quit a job
[12:09] <fp-raziel> so i have more time
[12:09] <SC-work> :x
[12:10] <burnin8or> dude, i thought you had all the time in the wurld at on2
[12:10] <fp-raziel> 2 jobs -_-zzz
[12:10] <burnin8or> give up the ffxi and irc! =o
[12:10] <SC-work> heh
[12:10] <fp-raziel> i play ff at nite when i get home
[12:10] <SC-work> true...I don't play any video games anymore
[12:10] <burnin8or> try like... poop without reversi
[12:11] <burnin8or> extra time saved in bathroom
[12:11] <fp-raziel> dont get home till 10 pm most nites
[12:11] <SC-work> haha, actually..I play more video games in the bathroom than anywhere
[12:11] <fp-raziel> lol
[12:11] <fp-raziel> gba owns for bathroom time
[12:11] <SC-work> <3 gba sp