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q3 bsp face by SUNSTAR
struct uglsInternalFace
  int iShaderID;
  int iEffect;
  ugleFaceType eType;
  uint uFirstVertex;
  uint uNumVertices;
  uint uFirstMeshVertex;
  uint uNumMeshVertices;
  uint uLightID;
  int iLightmapOffset[2];
  int iLightmapSize[2];
  ugltVector3 tLightmapOrigin; //normal only (-> worldspace origin of the lightmap)
  ugltVector3 tBoundingBox[2]; //patch only (-> worldspace lightmap s and t unit vectors)
  ugltVector3 tFaceNormal; //normal only (-> the surface normal)
  uint uPatchDim[2]; //patch only (-> patch dimensions)