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A Paste by A Quote about Quake

As far as I'm concerned, Unreal was a mediocre mess. I was surprised, then, when the Unreal Tournament demo appeared and blew me away. UT came out around the same time that id's eagerly anticipated Quake III Arena was making a splash, and in my mind it was the better game. Where Quake III often felt clunky and glued together, UT was refined. Where Quake III seemed like more of the same, UT provided real innovation. It seemed like every weapon had an intriguing twist to it, either through alternate firing modes or just plain clever applications. The maps were just as awesome, with more imagination and creativity than anything seen before. Unreal Tournament started out as the underdog, but I think that after the smoke cleared, it had more than proven itself against id's solid but clumsy juggernaut. Bit for bit, UT was just more fun.