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big ugly util.h by Merlin
*    Copyright (c) 1999, 2000 Valve LLC. All rights reserved.
*    This product contains software technology licensed from Id 
*    Software, Inc. ("Id Technology").  Id Technology (c) 1996 Id Software, Inc. 
*    All Rights Reserved.
*   Use, distribution, and modification of this source code and/or resulting
*   object code is restricted to non-commercial enhancements to products from
*   Valve LLC.  All other use, distribution, or modification is prohibited
*   without written permission from Valve LLC.
// Misc utility code
#ifndef ACTIVITY_H
#include "activity.h"

#include "enginecallback.h"
inline void MESSAGE_BEGIN( int msg_dest, int msg_type, const float *pOrigin, entvars_t *ent );  // implementation later in this file

extern globalvars_t                *gpGlobals;

// Use this instead of ALLOC_STRING on constant strings
#define STRING(offset)        (const char *)(gpGlobals->pStringBase + (int)offset)
#define MAKE_STRING(str)    ((int)str - (int)STRING(0))

inline edict_t *FIND_ENTITY_BY_CLASSNAME(edict_t *entStart, const char *pszName) 
    return FIND_ENTITY_BY_STRING(entStart, "classname", pszName);

inline edict_t *FIND_ENTITY_BY_TARGETNAME(edict_t *entStart, const char *pszName) 
    return FIND_ENTITY_BY_STRING(entStart, "targetname", pszName);

// for doing a reverse lookup. Say you have a door, and want to find its button.
inline edict_t *FIND_ENTITY_BY_TARGET(edict_t *entStart, const char *pszName) 
    return FIND_ENTITY_BY_STRING(entStart, "target", pszName);

// Keeps clutter down a bit, when writing key-value pairs
#define WRITEKEY_INT(pf, szKeyName, iKeyValue)                                    \
        ENGINE_FPRINTF(pf, "\"%s\" \"%d\"\n", szKeyName, iKeyValue)
#define WRITEKEY_FLOAT(pf, szKeyName, flKeyValue)                                \
        ENGINE_FPRINTF(pf, "\"%s\" \"%f\"\n", szKeyName, flKeyValue)
#define WRITEKEY_STRING(pf, szKeyName, szKeyValue)                                \
        ENGINE_FPRINTF(pf, "\"%s\" \"%s\"\n", szKeyName, szKeyValue)
#define WRITEKEY_VECTOR(pf, szKeyName, flX, flY, flZ)                            \
        ENGINE_FPRINTF(pf, "\"%s\" \"%f %f %f\"\n", szKeyName, flX, flY, flZ)

// Keeps clutter down a bit, when using a float as a bit-vector
#define SetBits(flBitVector, bits)        ((flBitVector) = (int)(flBitVector) | (bits))
#define ClearBits(flBitVector, bits)    ((flBitVector) = (int)(flBitVector) & ~(bits))
#define FBitSet(flBitVector, bit)        ((int)(flBitVector) & (bit))

// Makes these more explicit, and easier to find
#define FILE_GLOBAL static
#define DLL_GLOBAL

// Until we figure out why "const" gives the compiler problems, we'll just have to use
// this bogus "empty" define to mark things as constant.
#define CONSTANT

// More explicit than "int"
typedef int FSET;

// In case it's not alread defined
typedef int BOOL;

// In case this ever changes
#define M_PI            3.14159265358979323846

// Keeps clutter down a bit, when declaring external entity/global method prototypes
#define DECLARE_GLOBAL_METHOD(MethodName) \
        extern void DLLEXPORT MethodName( void )
#define GLOBAL_METHOD(funcname)                    void DLLEXPORT funcname(void)

// This is the glue that hooks .MAP entity class names to our CPP classes
// The _declspec forces them to be exported by name so we can do a lookup with GetProcAddress()
// The function is used to intialize / allocate the object for the entity
#define LINK_ENTITY_TO_CLASS(mapClassName,DLLClassName) \
    extern "C" EXPORT void mapClassName( entvars_t *pev ); \
    void mapClassName( entvars_t *pev ) { GetClassPtr( (DLLClassName *)pev ); }

// Conversion among the three types of "entity", including identity-conversions.
#ifdef DEBUG
    extern edict_t *DBG_EntOfVars(const entvars_t *pev);
    inline edict_t *ENT(const entvars_t *pev)    { return DBG_EntOfVars(pev); }
    inline edict_t *ENT(const entvars_t *pev)    { return pev->pContainingEntity; }
inline edict_t *ENT(edict_t *pent)        { return pent; }
inline edict_t *ENT(FSET eoffset)            { return (*g_engfuncs.pfnPEntityOfEntOffset)(eoffset); }
inline FSET OFFSET(FSET eoffset)            { return eoffset; }
inline FSET OFFSET(const edict_t *pent)    
#if _DEBUG
    if ( !pent )
        ALERT( at_error, "Bad ent in OFFSET()\n" );
    return (*g_engfuncs.pfnEntOffsetOfPEntity)(pent); 
inline FSET OFFSET(entvars_t *pev)                
#if _DEBUG
    if ( !pev )
        ALERT( at_error, "Bad pev in OFFSET()\n" );
    return OFFSET(ENT(pev)); 
inline entvars_t *VARS(entvars_t *pev)                    { return pev; }

inline entvars_t *VARS(edict_t *pent)            
    if ( !pent )
        return NULL;

    return &pent->v; 

inline entvars_t* VARS(FSET eoffset)                { return VARS(ENT(eoffset)); }
inline int      ENTINDEX(edict_t *pEdict)            { return (*g_engfuncs.pfnIndexOfEdict)(pEdict); }
inline edict_t* INDEXENT( int iEdictNum )        { return (*g_engfuncs.pfnPEntityOfEntIndex)(iEdictNum); }
inline void MESSAGE_BEGIN( int msg_dest, int msg_type, const float *pOrigin, entvars_t *ent ) {
    (*g_engfuncs.pfnMessageBegin)(msg_dest, msg_type, pOrigin, ENT(ent));

// Testing the three types of "entity" for nullity
#define eoNullEntity 0
inline BOOL FNullEnt(FSET eoffset)            { return eoffset == 0; }
inline BOOL FNullEnt(const edict_t* pent)    { return pent == NULL || FNullEnt(OFFSET(pent)); }
inline BOOL FNullEnt(entvars_t* pev)                { return pev == NULL || FNullEnt(OFFSET(pev)); }

// Testing strings for nullity
#define iStringNull 0
inline BOOL FStringNull(int iString)            { return iString == iStringNull; }

#define cchMapNameMost 32

// Dot products for view cone checking
#define VIEW_FIELD_FULL        (float)-1.0 // +-180 degrees
#define    VIEW_FIELD_WIDE        (float)-0.7 // +-135 degrees 0.1 // +-85 degrees, used for full FOV checks 
#define    VIEW_FIELD_NARROW    (float)0.7 // +-45 degrees, more narrow check used to set up ranged attacks
#define    VIEW_FIELD_ULTRA_NARROW    (float)0.9 // +-25 degrees, more narrow check used to set up ranged attacks

// All monsters need this data
#define        DONT_BLEED            -1
#define        BLOOD_COLOR_RED        (BYTE)247
#define        BLOOD_COLOR_YELLOW    (BYTE)195

typedef enum 



// Things that toggle (buttons/triggers/doors) need this
typedef enum

// Misc useful
inline BOOL FStrEq(const char*sz1, const char*sz2)
    { return (strcmp(sz1, sz2) == 0); }
inline BOOL FClassnameIs(edict_t* pent, const char* szClassname)
    { return FStrEq(STRING(VARS(pent)->classname), szClassname); }
inline BOOL FClassnameIs(entvars_t* pev, const char* szClassname)
    { return FStrEq(STRING(pev->classname), szClassname); }

class CBaseEntity;

// Misc. Prototypes
extern void            UTIL_SetSize            (entvars_t* pev, const Vector &vecMin, const Vector &vecMax);
extern float        UTIL_VecToYaw            (const Vector &vec);
extern Vector        UTIL_VecToAngles        (const Vector &vec);
extern float        UTIL_AngleMod            (float a);
extern float        UTIL_AngleDiff            ( float destAngle, float srcAngle );

extern CBaseEntity    *UTIL_FindEntityInSphere(CBaseEntity *pStartEntity, const Vector &vecCenter, float flRadius);
extern CBaseEntity    *UTIL_FindEntityByString(CBaseEntity *pStartEntity, const char *szKeyword, const char *szValue );
extern CBaseEntity    *UTIL_FindEntityByClassname(CBaseEntity *pStartEntity, const char *szName );
extern CBaseEntity    *UTIL_FindEntityByTargetname(CBaseEntity *pStartEntity, const char *szName );
extern CBaseEntity    *UTIL_FindEntityGeneric(const char *szName, Vector &vecSrc, float flRadius );

// returns a CBaseEntity pointer to a player by index.  Only returns if the player is spawned and connected
// otherwise returns NULL
// Index is 1 based
extern CBaseEntity    *UTIL_PlayerByIndex( int playerIndex );

#define UTIL_EntitiesInPVS(pent)            (*g_engfuncs.pfnEntitiesInPVS)(pent)
extern void            UTIL_MakeVectors        (const Vector &vecAngles);

// Pass in an array of pointers and an array size, it fills the array and returns the number inserted
extern int            UTIL_MonstersInSphere( CBaseEntity **pList, int listMax, const Vector ¢er, float radius );
extern int            UTIL_EntitiesInBox( CBaseEntity **pList, int listMax, const Vector &mins, const Vector &maxs, int flagMask );

inline void UTIL_MakeVectorsPrivate( const Vector &vecAngles, float *p_vForward, float *p_vRight, float *p_vUp )
    g_engfuncs.pfnAngleVectors( vecAngles, p_vForward, p_vRight, p_vUp );

extern void            UTIL_MakeAimVectors        ( const Vector &vecAngles ); // like MakeVectors, but assumes pitch isn't inverted
extern void            UTIL_MakeInvVectors        ( const Vector &vec, globalvars_t *pgv );

extern void            UTIL_SetOrigin            ( entvars_t* pev, const Vector &vecOrigin );
extern void            UTIL_EmitAmbientSound    ( edict_t *entity, const Vector &vecOrigin, const char *samp, float vol, float attenuation, int fFlags, int pitch );
extern void            UTIL_ParticleEffect        ( const Vector &vecOrigin, const Vector &vecDirection, ULONG ulColor, ULONG ulCount );
extern void            UTIL_ScreenShake        ( const Vector ¢er, float amplitude, float frequency, float duration, float radius );
extern void            UTIL_ScreenShakeAll        ( const Vector ¢er, float amplitude, float frequency, float duration );
extern void            UTIL_ShowMessage        ( const char *pString, CBaseEntity *pPlayer );
extern void            UTIL_ShowMessageAll        ( const char *pString );
extern void            UTIL_ScreenFadeAll        ( const Vector &color, float fadeTime, float holdTime, int alpha, int flags );
extern void            UTIL_ScreenFade            ( CBaseEntity *pEntity, const Vector &color, float fadeTime, float fadeHold, int alpha, int flags );

typedef enum { ignore_monsters=1, dont_ignore_monsters=0, missile=2 } IGNORE_MONSTERS;
typedef enum { ignore_glass=1, dont_ignore_glass=0 } IGNORE_GLASS;
extern void            UTIL_TraceLine            (const Vector &vecStart, const Vector &vecEnd, IGNORE_MONSTERS igmon, edict_t *pentIgnore, TraceResult *ptr);
extern void            UTIL_TraceLine            (const Vector &vecStart, const Vector &vecEnd, IGNORE_MONSTERS igmon, IGNORE_GLASS ignoreGlass, edict_t *pentIgnore, TraceResult *ptr);
typedef enum { point_hull=0, human_hull=1, large_hull=2, head_hull=3 } hull_enum;
extern void            UTIL_TraceHull            (const Vector &vecStart, const Vector &vecEnd, IGNORE_MONSTERS igmon, int hullNumber, edict_t *pentIgnore, TraceResult *ptr);
extern TraceResult    UTIL_GetGlobalTrace        (void);
extern void            UTIL_TraceModel            (const Vector &vecStart, const Vector &vecEnd, int hullNumber, edict_t *pentModel, TraceResult *ptr);
extern Vector        UTIL_GetAimVector        (edict_t* pent, float flSpeed);
extern int            UTIL_PointContents        (const Vector &vec);

extern int            UTIL_IsMasterTriggered    (string_t sMaster, CBaseEntity *pActivator);
extern void            UTIL_BloodStream( const Vector &origin, const Vector &direction, int color, int amount );
extern void            UTIL_BloodDrips( const Vector &origin, const Vector &direction, int color, int amount );
extern Vector        UTIL_RandomBloodVector( void );
extern BOOL            UTIL_ShouldShowBlood( int bloodColor );
extern void            UTIL_BloodDecalTrace( TraceResult *pTrace, int bloodColor );
extern void            UTIL_DecalTrace( TraceResult *pTrace, int decalNumber );
extern void            UTIL_PlayerDecalTrace( TraceResult *pTrace, int playernum, int decalNumber, BOOL bIsCustom );
extern void            UTIL_GunshotDecalTrace( TraceResult *pTrace, int decalNumber );
extern void            UTIL_Sparks( const Vector &position );
extern void            UTIL_Ricochet( const Vector &position, float scale );
extern void            UTIL_StringToVector( float *pVector, const char *pString );
extern void            UTIL_StringToIntArray( int *pVector, int count, const char *pString );
extern Vector        UTIL_ClampVectorToBox( const Vector &input, const Vector &clampSize );
extern float        UTIL_Approach( float target, float value, float speed );
extern float        UTIL_ApproachAngle( float target, float value, float speed );
extern float        UTIL_AngleDistance( float next, float cur );

extern char            *UTIL_VarArgs( char *format, ... );
extern void            UTIL_Remove( CBaseEntity *pEntity );
extern BOOL            UTIL_IsValidEntity( edict_t *pent );
extern BOOL            UTIL_TeamsMatch( const char *pTeamName1, const char *pTeamName2 );

// Use for ease-in, ease-out style interpolation (accel/decel)
extern float        UTIL_SplineFraction( float value, float scale );

// Search for water transition along a vertical line
extern float        UTIL_WaterLevel( const Vector &position, float minz, float maxz );
extern void            UTIL_Bubbles( Vector mins, Vector maxs, int count );
extern void            UTIL_BubbleTrail( Vector from, Vector to, int count );

// allows precacheing of other entities
extern void            UTIL_PrecacheOther( const char *szClassname );

// prints a message to each client
extern void            UTIL_ClientPrintAll( int msg_dest, const char *msg_name, const char *param1 = NULL, const char *param2 = NULL, const char *param3 = NULL, const char *param4 = NULL );
inline void            UTIL_CenterPrintAll( const char *msg_name, const char *param1 = NULL, const char *param2 = NULL, const char *param3 = NULL, const char *param4 = NULL ) 
    UTIL_ClientPrintAll( HUD_PRINTCENTER, msg_name, param1, param2, param3, param4 );

void UTIL_HudMessage(entvars_t *pPlayer, cost hudtextparms_t &textparms, const char *pMessage);
void ClientPrintAll(int msg_dest, const char *msg_name);
void UTIL_HudMessageAll(const hudtextparms_t &textparms, const char *pMessage);

class CBasePlayerItem;
class CBasePlayer;
extern BOOL UTIL_GetNextBestWeapon( CBasePlayer *pPlayer, CBasePlayerItem *pCurrentWeapon );

// prints messages through the HUD
extern void ClientPrint( entvars_t *client, int msg_dest, const char *msg_name, const char *param1 = NULL, const char *param2 = NULL, const char *param3 = NULL, const char *param4 = NULL );

// prints a message to the HUD say (chat)
extern void            UTIL_SayText( const char *pText, CBaseEntity *pEntity );
extern void            UTIL_SayTextAll( const char *pText, CBaseEntity *pEntity );

typedef struct hudtextparms_s
    float        x;
    float        y;
    int            effect;
    byte        r1, g1, b1, a1;
    byte        r2, g2, b2, a2;
    float        fadeinTime;
    float        fadeoutTime;
    float        holdTime;
    float        fxTime;
    int            channel;
} hudtextparms_t;

// prints as transparent 'title' to the HUD
extern void            UTIL_HudMessageAll( const hudtextparms_t &textparms, const char *pMessage );
extern void            UTIL_HudMessage( CBaseEntity *pEntity, const hudtextparms_t &textparms, const char *pMessage );

// for handy use with ClientPrint params
extern char *UTIL_dtos1( int d );
extern char *UTIL_dtos2( int d );
extern char *UTIL_dtos3( int d );
extern char *UTIL_dtos4( int d );

// Writes message to console with timestamp and FragLog header.
extern void            UTIL_LogPrintf( char *fmt, ... );

// Sorta like FInViewCone, but for nonmonsters. 
extern float UTIL_DotPoints ( const Vector &vecSrc, const Vector &vecCheck, const Vector &vecDir );

extern void UTIL_StripToken( const char *pKey, char *pDest );// for redundant keynames

// Misc functions
extern void SetMovedir(entvars_t* pev);
extern Vector VecBModelOrigin( entvars_t* pevBModel );
extern int BuildChangeList( LEVELLIST *pLevelList, int maxList );

// How did I ever live without ASSERT?
#ifdef    DEBUG
void DBG_AssertFunction(BOOL fExpr, const char* szExpr, const char* szFile, int szLine, const char* szMessage);
#define ASSERT(f)        DBG_AssertFunction(f, #f, __FILE__, __LINE__, NULL)
#define ASSERTSZ(f, sz)    DBG_AssertFunction(f, #f, __FILE__, __LINE__, sz)
#else    // !DEBUG
#define ASSERT(f)
#define ASSERTSZ(f, sz)
#endif    // !DEBUG

extern DLL_GLOBAL const Vector g_vecZero;

// Constants that were used only by QC (maybe not used at all now)
// Un-comment only as needed
#define LANGUAGE_ENGLISH                0
#define LANGUAGE_GERMAN                    1
#define LANGUAGE_FRENCH                    2
#define LANGUAGE_BRITISH                3

extern DLL_GLOBAL int            g_Language;

#define AMBIENT_SOUND_STATIC            0    // medium radius attenuation

#define SPEAKER_START_SILENT            1    // wait for trigger 'on' to start announcements

#define SND_SPAWNING        (1<<8)        // duplicated in protocol.h we're spawing, used in some cases for ambients 
#define SND_STOP            (1<<5)        // duplicated in protocol.h stop sound
#define SND_CHANGE_VOL        (1<<6)        // duplicated in protocol.h change sound vol
#define SND_CHANGE_PITCH    (1<<7)        // duplicated in protocol.h change sound pitch

#define    LFO_SQUARE            1
#define LFO_TRIANGLE        2
#define LFO_RANDOM            3

// func_rotating
#define SF_BRUSH_ROTATE_Y_AXIS        0
#define SF_BRUSH_ROTATE_INSTANT        1
#define SF_BRUSH_ROTATE_Z_AXIS        4
#define SF_BRUSH_ROTATE_X_AXIS        8
#define SF_PENDULUM_AUTO_RETURN        16
#define    SF_PENDULUM_PASSABLE        32


#define PUSH_BLOCK_ONLY_X    1
#define PUSH_BLOCK_ONLY_Y    2

#define VEC_HULL_MIN        Vector(-16, -16, -36)
#define VEC_HULL_MAX        Vector( 16,  16,  36)
#define VEC_HUMAN_HULL_MIN    Vector( -16, -16, 0 )
#define VEC_HUMAN_HULL_MAX    Vector( 16, 16, 72 )
#define VEC_HUMAN_HULL_DUCK    Vector( 16, 16, 36 )

#define VEC_VIEW            Vector( 0, 0, 28 )

#define VEC_DUCK_HULL_MIN    Vector(-16, -16, -18 )
#define VEC_DUCK_HULL_MAX    Vector( 16,  16,  18)
#define VEC_DUCK_VIEW        Vector( 0, 0, 12 )

#define SVC_TEMPENTITY        23
#define SVC_INTERMISSION    30
#define SVC_CDTRACK            32
#define SVC_WEAPONANIM        35
#define SVC_ROOMTYPE        37

// triggers
#define    SF_TRIGGER_ALLOWMONSTERS    1// monsters allowed to fire this trigger
#define    SF_TRIGGER_NOCLIENTS        2// players not allowed to fire this trigger
#define SF_TRIGGER_PUSHABLES        4// only pushables can fire this trigger

// func breakable
#define SF_BREAK_TRIGGER_ONLY    1// may only be broken by trigger
#define    SF_BREAK_TOUCH            2// can be 'crashed through' by running player (plate glass)
#define SF_BREAK_PRESSURE        4// can be broken by a player standing on it
#define SF_BREAK_CROWBAR        256// instant break if hit with crowbar

// func_pushable (it's also func_breakable, so don't collide with those flags)
#define SF_PUSH_BREAKABLE        128

#define SF_LIGHT_START_OFF        1


#define SPAWNFLAG_USEONLY    1        // can't be touched, must be used (buttons)

#define TELE_PLAYER_ONLY    1
#define TELE_SILENT            2

#define SF_TRIG_PUSH_ONCE        1

// Sound Utilities

// sentence groups
#define CVOXFILESENTENCEMAX        1536        // max number of sentences in game. NOTE: this must match
                                            // CVOXFILESENTENCEMAX in engine\sound.h!!!

extern char gszallsentencenames[CVOXFILESENTENCEMAX][CBSENTENCENAME_MAX];
extern int gcallsentences;

int USENTENCEG_Pick(int isentenceg, char *szfound);
int USENTENCEG_PickSequential(int isentenceg, char *szfound, int ipick, int freset);
void USENTENCEG_InitLRU(unsigned char *plru, int count);

void SENTENCEG_Init();
void SENTENCEG_Stop(edict_t *entity, int isentenceg, int ipick);
int SENTENCEG_PlayRndI(edict_t *entity, int isentenceg, float volume, float attenuation, int flags, int pitch);
int SENTENCEG_PlayRndSz(edict_t *entity, const char *szrootname, float volume, float attenuation, int flags, int pitch);
int SENTENCEG_PlaySequentialSz(edict_t *entity, const char *szrootname, float volume, float attenuation, int flags, int pitch, int ipick, int freset);
int SENTENCEG_GetIndex(const char *szrootname);
int SENTENCEG_Lookup(const char *sample, char *sentencenum);

void TEXTURETYPE_Init();
char TEXTURETYPE_Find(char *name);
float TEXTURETYPE_PlaySound(TraceResult *ptr,  Vector vecSrc, Vector vecEnd, int iBulletType);

#define CBTEXTURENAMEMAX    13            // only load first n chars of name

#define CHAR_TEX_CONCRETE    'C'            // texture types
#define CHAR_TEX_METAL        'M'
#define CHAR_TEX_DIRT        'D'
#define CHAR_TEX_VENT        'V'
#define CHAR_TEX_GRATE        'G'
#define CHAR_TEX_TILE        'T'
#define CHAR_TEX_SLOSH        'S'
#define CHAR_TEX_WOOD        'W'
#define CHAR_TEX_COMPUTER    'P'
#define CHAR_TEX_GLASS        'Y'
#define CHAR_TEX_FLESH        'F'

// NOTE: use EMIT_SOUND_DYN to set the pitch of a sound. Pitch of 100
// is no pitch shift.  Pitch > 100 up to 255 is a higher pitch, pitch < 100
// down to 1 is a lower pitch.   150 to 70 is the realistic range.
// EMIT_SOUND_DYN with pitch != 100 should be used sparingly, as it's not quite as
// fast as EMIT_SOUND (the pitchshift mixer is not native coded).

void EMIT_SOUND_DYN(edict_t *entity, int channel, const char *sample, float volume, float attenuation,
                           int flags, int pitch);

inline void EMIT_SOUND(edict_t *entity, int channel, const char *sample, float volume, float attenuation)
    EMIT_SOUND_DYN(entity, channel, sample, volume, attenuation, 0, PITCH_NORM);

inline void STOP_SOUND(edict_t *entity, int channel, const char *sample)
    EMIT_SOUND_DYN(entity, channel, sample, 0, 0, SND_STOP, PITCH_NORM);

void EMIT_SOUND_SUIT(edict_t *entity, const char *sample);
void EMIT_GROUPID_SUIT(edict_t *entity, int isentenceg);
void EMIT_GROUPNAME_SUIT(edict_t *entity, const char *groupname);

    { for (int i = 0; i < ARRAYSIZE( a ); i++ ) PRECACHE_SOUND((char *) a [i]); }

#define EMIT_SOUND_ARRAY_DYN( chan, array ) \
    EMIT_SOUND_DYN ( ENT(pev), chan , array [ RANDOM_LONG(0,ARRAYSIZE( array )-1) ], 1.0, ATTN_NORM, 0, RANDOM_LONG(95,105) ); 

#define RANDOM_SOUND_ARRAY( array ) (array) [ RANDOM_LONG(0,ARRAYSIZE( (array) )-1) ]

#define PLAYBACK_EVENT( flags, who, index ) PLAYBACK_EVENT_FULL( flags, who, index, 0, (float *)&g_vecZero, (float *)&g_vecZero, 0.0, 0.0, 0, 0, 0, 0 );
#define PLAYBACK_EVENT_DELAY( flags, who, index, delay ) PLAYBACK_EVENT_FULL( flags, who, index, delay, (float *)&g_vecZero, (float *)&g_vecZero, 0.0, 0.0, 0, 0, 0, 0 );

#define GROUP_OP_AND    0
#define GROUP_OP_NAND    1

extern int g_groupmask;
extern int g_groupop;

class UTIL_GroupTrace
    UTIL_GroupTrace( int groupmask, int op );
    ~UTIL_GroupTrace( void );

    int m_oldgroupmask, m_oldgroupop;

void UTIL_SetGroupTrace( int groupmask, int op );
void UTIL_UnsetGroupTrace( void );

int UTIL_SharedRandomLong( unsigned int seed, int low, int high );
float UTIL_SharedRandomFloat( unsigned int seed, float low, float high );

float UTIL_WeaponTimeBase( void );

edict_t *UTIL_FindEntityByNetname( edict_t *pentStart, const char *szName );
edict_t *UTIL_FindEntityByUID(int UID);
CBaseEntity *UTIL_PlayerByIndex(int playerIndex);

edict_t *UTIL_CreateEntity(int ent_classname, vec3_t ent_origin, edict_t *ent_owner);

int UTIL_PlayerTeam(edict_t *pEntity);
const char *UTIL_LookupTitle(char *title);

char *UTIL_StringSearchReplace(const char *Search, const char *Replace, const char *Input);