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return paths (LaMothe) by CraZyLeGs
// general culling flags
#define CULL_OBJECT_X_PLANE 0x0001 // cull on the x clipping planes
#define CULL_OBJECT_Y_PLANE 0x0002 // cull on the y clipping planes
#define CULL_OBJECT_Z_PLANE 0x0004 // cull on the z clipping planes
int Cull_OBJECT4DV1(OBJECT4DV1_PTR obj, // object to cull
CAM4DV1_PTR cam, // camera to cull relative to
int cull_flags) // clipping planes to consider
// NOTE: is matrix based
// this function culls an entire object from the viewing
// frustrum by using the sent camera information and object
// the cull_flags determine what axes culling should take place
// x, y, z or all which is controlled by ORing the flags
// together
// if the object is culled its state is modified thats all
// this function assumes that both the camera and the object
// are valid!
// step 1: transform the center of the object