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i get garbage at the end of my buffer somehow.... by godecho

# Basic Vertex Shader in OpenGL (ARBvp1.0)
# Created by the Programming Ace

# Original Input...
ATTRIB OriginalPos        = vertex.position;
ATTRIB OriginalColor       = vertex.color;

# Vertex Output...
OUTPUT OutPos               = result.position;
OUTPUT OutColor            = result.color;

# Constant variables...
PARAM ModelViewProj[4]  = { state.matrix.mvp }; # Modelview Projection Matrix.
PARAM InputTranslation    = program.env[0];           # Translation value sent in from the application.
TEMP temp;                                                 # Just a temporary variable.


# Here each axis is transformed into clip space.  Basically we are storing the correct position
# that the vertex would normally be in.  Since this is a shader OpenGL cant do this for us.
# So don't be scared, this is just positioning the vertex without any translation or rotation.
DP4 temp.x, ModelViewProj[0], OriginalPos;
DP4 temp.y, ModelViewProj[1], OriginalPos;
DP4 temp.z, ModelViewProj[2], OriginalPos;
DP4 temp.w, ModelViewProj[3], OriginalPos;

# Now here we will add the translation to the position before setting it to the output.
# I figured we could just use the ADD instruction to just add the x, y, z positions
# and get an accurate look.
ADD temp, temp, InputTranslation;

# Set the final Output position.
MOV OutPos, temp;

# We will use the some color that the vertex come in with.
MOV OutColor, OriginalColor;