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A Paste by Anonymous
//Z116246A JOB ,'Andrew Fulks',MSGLEVEL=(1,0)
         USING ASSIGN1,15    GPR 15 is base register
         L     2,SALESTAX    Load SALESTAX into gpr2
         S     2,DIS4CASH    SALESTAX - DIS4CASH   -> gpr2
         A     2,SFTINCST    CostSoFar += SFTINCST -> gpr2
         A     2,LSTPRICE    CostSoFar += LSTPRICE -> gpr2
         A     2,WINOPSYS    CostSoFar += WINOPSYS -> gpr2
         A     2,ADDT     CostSoFar += ADDT  -> gpr2
         S     2,FACREBAT    CostSoFar -= FACREBAT -> gpr2
         ST    2,TOTCOST     Store gpr2 to TOTCOST
         L     3,FACTCOST    Load FACTCOST into gpr3
         A     3,DEALPREP    FACTCOST + DEALPREP   -> gpr3
         ST    3,COSTODEL    Store gpr3 to COSTODEL
         SR    2,3           gpr2 - gpr3 -> gpr2 (TOTCOST-COSTODEL)
         ST    2,DEALPROF    Store gpr2 to DEALPROF
         XDUMP ,             Dump GPRs
         XDUMP LSTPRICE,VAREND-LSTPRICE    Dump general storage
         BCR   B'1111',14    Return control to OS
LSTPRICE DC    F'1685'       List price of a new computer
WINOPSYS DC    F'247'        Cost of operating system
ADDT  DC    F'445'        Cost of additional software
SALESTAX DC    F'112'        Sales tax on a new computer
DIS4CASH DC    F'105'        Discount for paying cash
SFTINCST DC    F'300'        Cost for installing software
TOTCOST  DS    F             Total cost to the computer buyer
DEALPROF DS    F             Amount of profit in sale of a new computer
COSTODEL DS    F             Total cost of a new computer to the dealer
FACTCOST DC    F'1085'       Factory cost for the new computer
DEALPREP DC    F'395'        Cost to dealer to prep a new computer
FACREBAT DC    F'342'        Amount of rebate to the buyer
VAREND   DS    0C            End of variables marker for easy dumping
         END   ASSIGN1