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bmploader.h by MaFiaBoY

#include <string>
typedef unsigned char BYTE;

class BMPClass
    BYTE& pixel(int x,int y,int c);
    void allocateMem();
    int width,height;
    BYTE* bytes;            //OpenGL formatted pixels

#define BMPError char
#define BMPNOTABITMAP 'b'    //Possible error flags
#define BMPNOOPEN 'o'
#define BMPFILEERROR 'f'
#define BMPNOERROR '\0'

//Loads the bmp in fname, and puts the data in bmp
BMPError BMPLoad(std::string fname,BMPClass& bmp);

//Translates my error codes into English    
std::string TranslateBMPError(BMPError err);    

//Load and select in OpenGL
BMPError BMPLoadGL(std::string fname);