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drinking games by baldurk
Bleach Drinking game
    Take a sip when:

    Ichigo powers up
    -Ichigo mentions Zangetsu
    -A character starts bleeding
    -Someone is running somewhere not in a fight

    Take a drink when:

    -Someone calls out the name of their attack
    -Each time idle threats are passed back and forth

    Chug the whole fucking bottle when:

    Ichigo releases bankai (2 if it takes 5 minutes to release)
    -Anyone else releases bankai
    -A double suicide attack at full power leaves both parties alive and standing afterward
    -A filler episode occurs

Add: Chug two bottles when Byakuya has a surprised look on his face.

FMA drinking game
Take a sip when:
-Something depressing happens
-You wish Ed, not Al, was stuck with that suit of armour
-when someone thinks Al is the Full Metal Alchemist
-Someone makes a short joke and Ed gets pissed
-Flashback to childhood

Chug a drink when:
-Gluttony says "Can I eat him?"
-A bad guy mentions how (s)he's just like Ed
-They play "relative morality" and the "bad guy" is good, or the "good guys" are bad
-A fake philosopher's stone makes an appearance
-An abomination against nature is created